About Us

The main idea of our venture is to create an atmosphere that would help our guests to experience the full breadth of a comfortable stay while away from home. Whether it’s a business trip, a cultural event or a family gateway.

We strive to ensure that even the daily routine of your business trip would be brightened up with warmth and coziness of the hearth. We aim to provide you with the level of service that not only makes you feel safe and comfortable in a strange city, but also inspires you to do something creative and outstanding. Our goal is not simply to provide a top-quality accommodation, yet to enrich your next day with the positive energy and feelings that you get here today.

New cities, new faces, and new events – it is always something special. Klaipeda city – is a unique place where you can not only experience the infinity, but also see it and even touch it. Baltic sunset, slowly immersing an outgoing day into the chill of the sea is sure to impress even the most desperate skeptics. Those who are true romantics will be gifted with the new, unexplored emotions. And all of this, among the rest, we would like to share with you.

about Lux Apart