Jazz Club Kurpiai


Live music every night. Some special performance of Jazz Bands at Saturdays. Great food, cozy atmosphere and pleasant staff.

Address: Kurpiu Str. 1a, Klaipeda
Tel: +370 677 69677

Kurpiai Jazz on Facebook



Autopunkto taksi +370  46  311 211     Baltik taksi +370  46  314 314     Danes taksi +370  46  211  411 Svajoniu taksi +370  46  232 323     Svyturio taksi +370  46  222 333     Tavo taksi +370  46  311 311 Uostamiescio taksi +370  46  311 006     Visoda taksi +370  46  222 111     Vyjuvis taksi +370  46  345 345     Taxoma taksi +370 45 303 303

Home restaurant Monai


Home restaurant Monai is a space for your family dinners, business lunch or siting with friends while away. The restaurant’s kitchen is open to visitors while waiting for your order will be able to monitor the quality of food in the hands of masterful chefs are born tasty dishes. Kitchen and themes will dominate the entire interior of the restaurant.

Address: Liepu Str. 4, Klaipeda.
Tel.: +37062663362

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Cold War Museum


Cold War Museum is located in the former Soviet Union`s complex of ballistic missile silo launch. Since 1963 up to 1978, there had been deployed four medium- range ballistic missiles SS-4, armed with 2- megaton power thermonuclear warheads. These missiles, together with the nearby terrestrial platforms of analogue missile launching, had created a common Soviet nuclear armament group in Lithuania.

Working hours (1 May – 30 September excursions):
Monday – Sunday: 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:00.

Working hours (1 October – 30 April excursions):
Monday – Sunday: 10:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00

The museum will be closed on the All Saints’ Day (1 November), Christmas Eve (24 December), Christmas (25-26 December), New Year (1 January) and Easter (5-6 April).

Address: Šilinė street 4, Plokščiai, Plungė dstr.
Cold War exposition (visitor centre) coordinates: 369504, 6212682 (LKS); 56.030391, 21.906232 (WGS); 56° 1′ 49.41″, 21° 54′ 22.44″ (WGS).
Tel. +370 677 86 574, +370 616 15710 (need to book in advance an excursion for groups more than 20 people).

Dino park


The Dinosaur park can offer two (based on the age group) different children playgrounds. One holds carousel, electric play cars that have shooting laser guns, a trampoline and water bikes in the pond. The other holds forty moving, roaring and competing with one another dinosaurs.

Tel.: + 370-685-11768 (groups from 15 people and information), +370-652-55666
Radailiai, Klaipedos raj.
55 ° 47 10´ N, 21 ° 10 13 09 ´ E

Opening times
During the summer season (May-October):
Every day 10.00-19.00,
The Park admitted until 18.00.

Thomas Mann Museum


Thomas Mann (1875–1955) came to Nida on holiday and so liked the area that he built a summer house there to which his family came every year in the early 1930s. The house is now a museum with information about the writer’s work. It is also a venue for conferences and music recitals.

Address: Skruzdynės Str. 17, LT-93123, Neringa.
Tel./fax (+370 ~ 469) 52 260.

Information for Visitor

Opening hours:
1 June to 15 September:
Monday to Sunday 10–18.
15 September to 1 June:
Tuesday to Sunday 10–17.

adults – 1,74 €;
pupils and students – 0,87 €.

Guided tours
adults (Lithuanian language) – 4,34 €;
adults (foreign language) – 8,69 €;
pupils and students – 2,90 €.

Additional services:
guided tours on Lithuanian, Russian, English and German language.

Homestead Vienkiemis


In the valley of Akmena river, flowing through Kretinga and surrounded by ancient barrows, there is situated “Vienkiemis” homestead which is worth to stop by for a good rest, delicious food, unique entertainment, and health.

Vienkiemis ave. – 3, Kretinga region., Padvarių village, Lithuania
Tel: +37044578425, +37068569549.

GPS coordinates: 55.54.39 N 021.14.54 E.

Seaside Cycle Route


The Lithuanian Seaside Cycle Route consists of three different parts meeting in Klaipeda:

Klaipeda – Nida (~ 50 km / 30 miles along the Curonian Spit)
Klaipeda – Butinge (~ 50 km / 30 miles through the Seaside Regional Park and Palanga Resort);
Klaipeda – Rusne Island (~ 110 km / 70 miles through the Nemunas River Delta).

Rent of Bicycles


Rent of bicycles in Klaipeda.

Area of Akropolis Mall
Taikos pr. 61, Klaipeda

Advance registration:
Tel.: +37060112552
I–VII: 10.00–22.00

Area of Klaipeda Summer Stage
Liepojos ave. 1, Klaipeda

Advance registration:
Tel.: +37060469937
I–VII: 10.00–22.00

Memel Castle

скачанные файлы

Klaipėda Castle, also known as Memelburg or Memel Castle, is an archeological site and museum housed in a castle built by the Teutonic Knights in Klaipėda, Lithuania, near the Baltic Sea.

Pilies St. 4, 91240 Klaipėda

Advance registration for excursions:
Tel.: +37046410527
I–V: 09.00–16.00

Museum opening hours:
II–VI: 10.00–18.00 (tickets sold till 17.30)

Guided tours hours:
II–IV: 10.00–17.00
V: 10.00–16.00

Memel – Nord exposition


Memel-Nord was built in the beginning of the II World War by Germans. Here there is created a museum of the mentioned age.

Exposition open hours every weekend 1200 – 1600.

Ticke price 1 euro. Guide request in advance +370 630 20 263

Tel.: +370 46 412 483
Pos.: 55 46,42 N 021 04,25 E

Memel – Nord on Facebook




Colorfull and full of joy dolphin performances. It is the unique possibility to get to know the mysterious dolphins world.

Duration about 35-40 min.
In March you are welcome at Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 12.00 and 15.00.

Sea Museum

Irish Pub


Beer lovers club. You can have some choice of local brewery and genuine Guinness of course.

Info line: 8 700 55555
Address: Turgaus Str. 1, „Nese pramogu bankas“, Klaipeda.

Irish Nese Pub

Flamingo Cafe


Most probably the best cakes in the Universe. Order of cakes in advance is available.

H. Manto Str. 38, Klaipeda
Tel.: +370 686 38636

Restaurant Skandalas


Good choice of some quality foods and dishes with live music. Make sure you do reservation on weekend.

Address: I.Kanto Str. 44, Klaipėda
Tel.: +370 698 39960

Momo Grill


Most probably the best grill in the Universe. Make sure you do reservation in case if you do decision to visit it.

Address: Liepų Str. 20, Klaipėda
Tel.: +370 693 12355

Friedricho Pasazas


A special place attracts special people, things and mood. That‘s why there‘s no place for boredom, drab and routine in such an exceptional place like Friedrich‘s arcade.

Address: Tiltų Str. 26a, Klaipėda
Administration tel.: +370 46 41-10-76
Friedrich‘s food delivery to homes and offices, tel.: +370 46 40-13-20

HBH Palanga



HBH leisure and entertainment complex near Palanga can offer You a rich and tasty food. Various sports, entertaining and cultural events, concerts are organized here, at HBH complex. Furthermore, there are banquet halls in all restaurants, where we can organize a great feast for any occasion. We also have a dance hall and winter garden.

Phone +370 445 44423
Kitchen phone +370 655 37336

Address: Liepu Str. 23, Zhibininkai, Kretinga district, LT-97231
Tel.: +370 460 40093
HBH Palanga on Facebook